Is the rental sector really moving twice as fast as the market?

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The Rightmove report suggests that the rental sector seems to be moving nearly twice as fast as the market as a whole at 9.6% vs. 5.6%. This obviously illustrates the large demand for rental properties. Though, it is hard to say if this is due to first-time buyers or due to Buy-to-Let landlords as it is often the properties that rent best that are also the target of many first-time buyers. It is often argued that the burgeoning buy-to-let market is taking away the first rung of the ladder for those first-time buyers. Landlords much prefer smaller, cheaper properties as they generate much better yields than larger properties. One or two bedroom properties will typically let at 5-6% depending on where they are in the country. Expensive areas of central London like Chelsea and Knightsbridge now yield on 2% while areas of the north of England can yield up to 9%. Rental yield is just one of the things that comes into the equation for landlords. Achieving capital growth by choosing properties in the right area is also very important.

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